Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Days are hectic.....

and I find no time for myself.  Actually I have had no time for anything including laundry.  Being executor of a friend's estate has left me exhausted and wondering if its worth it.  He left so many things unattended to that I dont know where to start.

We need to empty his apartment and office; along with stopping utilities and things like phone service etc.  Finally got to the lawyer and signed the necessary papers.....all this takes time.  Meantime my doctor's appointments are coming up...one tonight and I really do need a hair cut.

And then a friend of mine has asked if I want to do a craft fair...which sounds great.  Always wanted to do one.  It is in a local neighborhood and she said she would help. So I am now looking into what to do; how to do it and making a plan on what to sell.  Although I do have loads of jewelry still not in my shop yet.  All I need is time.  Maybe this weekend I can actually devote some time to it.  Any advice about craft shows is welcome if any of you have done them......

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