Friday, October 18, 2013

Continuing......It's sad when.. have lived your whole life alone and havent made any arrangements for the end of life.  Somehow we never think of our own mortality.  You grow up thinking that you will live for a very long time.  Or is it that we think if we deal with the "end of life" we will finally reach it.  When do we come to terms about the length of life.

We do not, of course, know when our lives will end.  When in our 20s and 30s we feel we are very far away from the end.  Is it around our 40s or 60s that we feel there is an end?  When our friend first got sick and we were told he had 4 months to live, I realized that it was a short period of time to get ones affairs in order.  Do we think of wills and putting our lives in order so that the person taking care of this will have an easy time?  Probably not....its not something anyone of us feel like dealing with.  But dealing with it is a fact of life.

But then those months turned into weeks, until finally we only had days.....days to get a lawyer to make out a will, days to get all his papers in order; days to pay bills for him like the essentials - his rent, phone, gas and electric.....much less doctor bills and credit cards.  But when faced with the fact that there were only days left.....get ready we did.

To be continued..............

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