Sunday, September 29, 2013

For those who follow me....

I just wanted to let you know that I havent fallen off the grid.  I have been reading and from time to time do post reviews of my books.  So I am still here.   But I havent been able to post like I used to due to some matters that have arisen.  Carrying my Ipad around has afforded me the pleasure of reading about what is going on...but not able to write what has happened with me.

So to catch up a little bit..have about 20 minutes..I am going every minute of the day and just have enough time to plop into bed at night.  To start off - I fell...and have been dealing with an immense amount of pain besides my Neuropathy.  I hit the floor so fast I didnt know what happened.  I bruised my face and my arm is still hurting after a week....not broken, just bruised.

Then we found out a close friend of ours is dying from cancer.  So in between work, watching grandkids and going back and forth to the hospital there hasnt been much ME time.  In fact laundry is piled up so high that the Health Department will be here soon if I dont start doing it today.  On that note, just to let you know I exist, I will end here to bring the grandkids home (oh, we had a weekend sleepover) and then on to the hospital.  Will fill you in as I be continued

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough for you. I do hope you heal quickly and your friend is in my prayers.

    I'm happy that you at least get to escape in books every once in a while :)