Monday, August 5, 2013

Unstuffed and going

OK, so you are back again to see what happened yesterday with my toilet.  If you read the previous blog (if not, go here) and you will see what occurred.  Anyway, we finally got someone to come out here on a Sunday and take a look.  You see apparently they don't charge to come out and take a look, but will then evaluate the problem and then give  you a price.  If you don't like the price, they are still left with the clogged toilet....then what?  How many people can you call until you get the price you like.  Come's a plumber...they walk into your house and you should expect a big price tag....and when you have a possible overflowing toilet, you better get it matter what.

 Happy to say we kept him and he fixed it (not even a two minute job).....there was more time taken to fill out the paperwork.  But now we have a working toilet, cleaned and ready to go......ok, that's not my cat there but thought it would be a cute picture for the topic.....

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