Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stuffed Up

Its hard to blog when the grandkids are underfoot.  Son and wife had a weekend wedding to go through and we are watching the two oldest.  Great kids, they actually listen, but kids are kids and they always WANT something.  Whether its food, or find their shoes.....or oops...the toilet is stuffed up.

 and so it began...I have a plunger and other things to unclog the toilet but nothing seemed to work....and I only managed to get the floor wet and use up lots of paper towels cleaning up.  So it was time to call the big guys in....and while I have a personal plumber, he decided of all things, to go on vacation.

Alas, hit the internet and did find Roto Rooter ....waiting for them...check back my next blog to find out what happened.....

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