Friday, August 2, 2013

Out and about today

And where else can you go with two grandchildren?  Movies? no, saw all the kids ones.  Park? No too hot to run around.....Beach? they are not beach kids (although that is definitely my thing)

No its,     Dave and Busters...the entertainment for young and old.  Yes, we took them there and I even brought my Kindle with me.  You see, we were planning of letting the boys play and I would sit in a booth and read while they had fun.

It started off with D hitting the jackpot at one of the games and won over 1000 tickets....and who got to hold all the tickets?  So there was no reading getting done.  We went from one game to another with D and C having all the fun.  Until we got to table hockey.....where D, C, Grandpa and Grandma played.....grandpa and D played against grandma and I didn't win.

Somewhere after a dozen games or more we all got hungry and proceeded to the dining area to eat, drink and be merry.....and then on to complete using all of our points that were on our D&B cards...

And then off to cash them....D got a new pair of headphones while C didn't like anything there.....alas, on the way home, we had to stop at Toys R Us to make up for that.  Had a great day despite the traffic on the ride to and having fun = priceless.

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