Sunday, August 4, 2013


I am fine, I will be fine....maybe not so fine.  I am currently on vacation for the summer and although things did not go my way (no trips this summer) I am very happy to be left alone with my book (or actually my Kindle) a cup of coffee on the patio.....reading.

 this is my original kindle....that stays in my tote bag for when I go out anywhere.......
  this is my 2nd Kindle that stays upstairs on my nightstand.....for reading before bed......and this one is the newest Kindle Fire HD but since it also has games on is constantly used by hubby....but they are all synchronized with whatever book I am currently reading.

Of course I also own an IPad that has the Kindle App but the grandkids are constantly on that one and when you have 8 grandkids....well, I don't get to use it.  So, I have treated myself to the..........

IPad Mini, downloaded the Kindle App on that and am now the sole user of this gadget where I can truly read in peace. the middle of a great mystery.....the battery went dead.....oh, well....on to my Kindles........

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