Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I believe.....

 that we all have our is the way you look at them and handle them that defines you.  How many people fall apart, how many stand up and face them, how many blame others for them, how many just give up and how many run away?

If you have read my previous post here and have so wonderfully left your beautiful comments, my immediate problem was a biopsy taken and my sort of freaking out.  I say sort of because I am the type of person who holds all problems inside, so I was only freaking on the inside.

So now I want to thank those who prayed for me and wished me good luck, because last night I received a phone call from the doctor and the results were benign.  I cant imagine what people go through when they get a different answer.....again, thank you.  I will be returning to work on Tuesday in a better frame of mind.

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