Saturday, August 3, 2013


Just Add SpiceJust Add Spice by Carol E. Wyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Carol....what can I say? I loved it. Dawn, Cinnamon, Geoff, Jim, Jason, Marcus and even Jack...never failed to thrill me through this lovely book. At first I wasn't keeping up (an age thing) but then as I got involved with the characters, their marriages, their thoughts and their feelings....I felt I could almost relate. Dawns unemployed husband makes me want to scream, but when she delves into taking care of herself (after all those years of taking care of him) I was jubilant.

And what better way than a creative writing course. Her character Cinnamon made me laugh and envy her outspoken ways...and of course, I do love happy endings...

Bravo Carol.

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  1. Hi Agnes! Loved the review - really made me want to read it, but don't think I'd stay awake long enough. Adult literature, however good, has that effect these days - can cope with Kids' stuff so much better!! Must be getting close to second childhood perhaps? Am starting a creative writing course for kids myself - having entered a recent competition, and coming in top 10% of entries. Was told I could get published - with help - so am going for it!

    Keep well, won't you!

  2. That's great Isobel..lots of luck to you. Funny, I am actually going back to college this fall and was thinking of taking a creative writing class but not sure, will see what classes they offer.

    Reading also puts me to sleep which is good, when I finally get upstairs to go to bed I find myself wide awake...I read for a while and then am ready to doze off..not from the book, just finally catches up to me. Now that I am off for the summer, have lots of time for reading....not cleaning though lol...hugs