Saturday, July 13, 2013

So anyone in NY knows this is true and most of us are behind closed doors somewhere with the air conditioning on. I hate AC because the winter we are in because of the cold, summer we are in because of the heat.  I love being outside, even for just awhile.  But the heat is not the best for me - think old age has something to do with it, but not saying - so I try to take small trips outside and remain in after that.

Well, all that changed on Wednesday when I went to adjust the thermostat.....poof, in one button the AC went down and never came up.  Sweat, sweat, much so I went to the hair salon and cut my hair off.  I originally wanted just a shorter cut, but hairdresser got scissor crazy and did a job on me.  I hate it; everyone else loves it.....but you know what...without AC in the house, it is much cooler.  So, hair grows and mine does so will grow back.  Meantime, I will try to enjoy no hair hanging on my neck.....

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