Monday, April 8, 2013

Some people are just........

NICE.....As many of you have read from my last post, my refrigerator went out...not the freezer.  So for the past week, we have been drinking warm water and juice...and I have thrown out a lot of food....ok, so the fridge had to be cleaned out anyway.

Now over the weekend the service guy from GE comes ringing the bell.  Ok, whats the problem.  After I explain and throw in the fact that my refrigerator is stuck in between my counter and cabinet...and pulling it out will hit the island stove I have smack in the middle of my kitchen.....Ronald (the GE guy) tells me no problem.....and hooks up his computer to a little thingy in the top of the freezer door and reads what the problem is.  Ok, he says....know the problem and in 20 minutes will take care of it.  He not only did the job, but explained step by step what was wrong and how he is fixing it.

Then he continued to answer every question I threw at him.....he had the patience of a saint.  And now my water and juice are very very cold......exactly how I like it.  I was not only amazed at his ability but the fact that he explained everything to me while working.  Some people just love their jobs and are so delightful.

It's nice to be nice.....

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