Saturday, April 6, 2013

So this is what happened......

When Hurricane Sandy hit NY and many families were devastated by the floods, one of life's luxury was shut down...power.  Many of us don't realize how much of our lives depends on power until it is not working.  Besides the usual refrigerator, lights and phone there is also our computers, cell phones, ipads, ipods and microwaves.

So while I was lucky with having power during the whole storm, my neighbors down the block weren't...neither were my children.  So they came to me to "power up" their gadgets.  Neighbors down the block were then able to have power through a temporary hookup.  That was back in November.....

We finally had the power company this week remove the temporary hookup and make everything all right.  During the 45 minutes the power was down for hookup, we unplugged all our gadgets so the surge when the power returned would not burn any appliances.

Of course, I did not unplug my refrigerator and is not working.  We have had three days of warm food.....and slowly I have been throwing out anything that smells.  Today is the big day we will be getting a repair man in to tell us actually what went be continued......

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  1. Oh dear - there's always one item that catches one out in these circumstances - I do feel for you! Hope you've been able to correct the problem (without too much additional expense). Hope you're having a good week-end, inspite of everything!



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