Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meow...Ruff Ruff

Ok, not losing it just yet.  The title of course is a bit interesting.  So lets talk about pets.  Dogs, cats, fish, etc.  As a child, I grew up with dogs, all kinds, German Shepherd was the favorite.  So when I moved out on my own, and had a small apartment....didn't have the room, so took in a beautiful Siamese cat....

Of course, when I married, hubby was not a cat person and we ended up with a mutt, Mitzi, a cute mixture of shepherd and whatever.....we had her for almost 16 years and when she passed, it was heart breaking and the thought of replacing her....well we didn't.

Now that we are past the stage of caring for a pet, I often feel there should be another pet here but at the same time, I know they are a responsibility that I am not sure I can handle right now....What's your take on "pets"?

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  1. I couldn't live without my two cats: one beautiful Siamese nearly identical to the photo above and one all black with slanty green eyes.Its not too late for you to take on a pet! Perhaps consider an older shelter pet who is just waiting for you to give him the love he craves so desperately.