Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Me Time?

Me Time?  What exactly is that?  This article deals with the pain of neuropathy but after reading it, I realized it could pertain to anything, anyone and anywhere.  How connected are we to our "gadgets" that we do not take time to "smell the roses".  Our days run into nights and the next day and the next...before we know it, the whole week or month is gone.....

Two years ago hubby and I took a cruise where we shut off our phones for 7 days....and nothing happened except some peace and quiet and relaxation and time to just mellow out.  You don't have to be on a cruise....wake up one morning, take that cup of coffee to the deck or patio and just look around you, or read a book.....life is too short to rush through it.  And the computer, ipad, iphone, etc. will still be there after you have chilled out a bit.

I just planted three rose bushes....my goal is to mother them, by watering, feeding and cutting them so that I can enjoy the tranquility having roses brings.  A vase on my dining room table during dinner will make us all feel better....and concentrate on lovely conversation instead of the stress of work and things we still have to do.

What do you do to "take me time"?

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  1. I tend to my garden, hang the laundry or shower. I say "or" because before kids, I could do all three in one day. Now I'm limited to one a week ;) Can't wait to plant my garden soon. The kids are at the age (3) where they can help. Makes it more fun.

    I went 6 weeks this winter with no outside connection (not even a home phone) but I started to go squirrelly and miss my blog. My husband can't go 15 minutes without being connected. His excuse, he works for himself. Don't tell him I said that he wasn't that important ;)

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