Sunday, April 14, 2013

I recently came across

a writing prompt......

   What's in your car trunk?

I always promised myself my trunk would be one of the places where clutter could not come....that did not happen.  So then I promised myself I would clean out my was filled with umbrellas (that's where they went) and toys....and boxes, games, clothes and beach chairs.

Never got to clean it out...but hurricane sandy did that for see when water high as 4 feet hits a computer in the car, the locks pop and windows go down, truck pop up.....and the trunk contents can then float away...but no one was hurt and cars can be replaced.

I have had my car now for 5 months and am glad to say the only thing in the trunk is a booster seat and a snow brush.....summer is coming, lets see if I can keep it that way......and "What's in your trunk?"


  1. Like to see someone else has resolutions that somehow don't get kept! Good luck with this one!

  2. I resolve to never keep my resolutions.

  3. lucky me, I don't have a trunk. but don't ask me what's floating around the back of my van. lol