Monday, April 1, 2013

Has anyone tried

Wordpress......I have been with Blogger for some time now and didn't plan on changing but when I joined Bloggy Moms, they use I signed up for a blog .... now I have two blogs to deal with when it is a job just doing one.

You know how it, house cleaning, different commitments, babysitting.....holidays, etc.  Then I have to go on FB....if nothing else to see whose birthday it is today....and then there is my jewelry online shop......

To add to all this, I have decided to rid myself of all the clutter in my house.....have been shredding papers that I no longer need.  Donating clothes that no longer fit - 8 bags in one day alone....and pretty soon Spring will be calling me to start planting.  That's a whole other story....because we got hit with Hurricane Sandy and the garden looks pathetic.  My azaleas prgrsvimg

are not budding and don't think they will be alive at all.  The gardener said to wait awhile but I am sure they should be budding by now. 

So follow me as I get ready for spring and start a planting spree.  My school will have a plant sale soon and annuals will be on my list.....I love impatiens prgrsvimg will fill the few pots I have left on the patio with them.....note to self: buy more pots.

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