Saturday, April 13, 2013


when, where, which one, for what, how seems a bit surprising that here I am a grandma, and I am talking about college.  Why, most of you are probably in college at this moment  - or have graduated from college and are now starting a family.

Or maybe not... how did you do it?  By that I mean, did you take the usual road, grade school, high school, college, business and/or marriage, children....or did you take a different route.  When I was growing up, girls didn't go to college (oops, just told my age)...they got married.  So when I graduated high school I went to work, and eventually met and married hubby, had children who have given me grandchildren....but somewhere along the line when all my children were entering middle or high school I decided to go back to work.  Or actually I had to....with college looming for them.

By that time, you needed at least college credits, so here I was with five children already, getting ready to enter the work field, and had to go back to school.  And I did it.....worked full time, took care of a family and went to school at night to get the credits and degree I needed.  So when my children complained about all the studying and papers they had to answer was = if I can do it, and work full time, and raise a family = then you can do it.....and they did. 

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