Monday, March 25, 2013

What do you look for

in someone else's blog? 

I came across a blog writer who was saying she will be changing the theme of her blog.  Get rid of certain things, add others.  It got me thinking about the blogs I follow.  Recently I have been cleaning up my following.....I am not the type of person who is interested in games, (although I will admit I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga)....also, not a big fan of giveaways...just don't have any luck with that.  Reviews of consumer products...nope...but I do love reviews of books...actually, that is one of my blog postings also.

So I cleaned up some of my followings....and am trying to follow those of you who are interested in family, children (times have changed since I raised mine), grandchildren, pets, flowers, houses, travelling, some recipes (not a fan of cooking lately)....although I do love desserts.  I also love jewelry blogs, and tutorials on them.  I love stories......

So I hope I didn't insult anyone....I am sure some of you are not interested in my blog...but that's ok...because that is what makes us so unique.....have a great day!

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