Monday, March 11, 2013

So I have been followed......

on ....I am still learning to navigate my way around and realized that I had made a page on G+ and when I clicked on the page picture....there were 8 people who were following me.  I apologize for not responding back and adding them to my many circles....but I like it.

I have made new friends....beading friends, worthy causes friends, handmade artistry friends, etsy friends, women friends and arts and crafts friends.  But now that I have this page - it is like FB because when you are on the pages, you can no longer access things like your community.  You must leave the page and go back to the original Google+......has anyone else been fooling around with Google+ and the pages.  Just when I get a hold of one thing....they change.

So can you teach this old dog some new tricks?  I'm check out my Google

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