Sunday, March 17, 2013

So after a trip to the

nail salon....we headed straight to the movies to see  .  We have been meaning to see this movie for weeks but could never find the time.  I know it has been out a while because besides hubby and me, there were two other people in the movie.  But that's ok because we sat where we wanted and there were no people who kept passing in front of us.  With our membership we even got a free soda.

If you want to laugh for almost two hours...this is the movie, even if you have to rent it.  It covers the story of a woman who steals the identity of a man by the name of Sandy (which can be used as a female name) and what he goes through to get his identity back.  The antics that follow this couple from Florida back to Colorado where he brings her to clear up his name and get his job back and well worth the cost of the movie admission.....

I returned home to do three wash loads..(they were still waiting for me :))..and relaxing the rest of the day.  Got up early this morning and after breakfast went to the hair salon for a much needed haircut and to watch some baseball before dinner.....have a great Sunday!

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