Thursday, March 28, 2013

I rode in a limo....

There are only a few times you get to ride in a limo……the first is usually to go to a prom (if its affordable)…then there is always a funeral…..which you don’t want to do. 
And of course, the lovely wedding….Several years ago I had the pleasure of riding in a limo…  The lights, the smell…..ahh, the champagne….well, that’s what we were drinking.  Especially when the limo we were driving had to stop because a draw bridge to the island we were going to was opening as a ship passed through.  The driver told us there was at least a 15 minute wait….no worry, because there was an iced cold bottle of champagne in the trunk.  We weren’t worried as the limo ahead of us held the bride and groom and the reception could not start until they got there…..

But eventually we did get there….a beautiful place right off the beach…and we had a great time.  That was almost 12 years ago and since then that beautiful couple has given me two gorgeous grandsons who light up my life more than that limo ride did……
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  1. Aww. What a sweet surprise ending! Hope you get to see them often! I also wrote about limos...
    My recent post:
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  2. How fun! And how blessed you are to have had a limo ride AND 2 grandkids! Thanks for sharing,


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