Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring 2013

Today at 7:02 am Spring will be here.  Spring the new life, the beginning...where trees start to bud and the crocus should be pushing up through that hard dirt.  I sometimes wonder how my garden will survive this spring/summer.

You see, Hurricane Sandy hit up and deposited 4 feet of salt water in the front garden and backyard garden.  I take pride in my garden....having planted some beautiful flowers over the 8 years I have lived in this house.  My last house had hydrangeas in the front and I transplanted those to my back yard along with some other bushes.....then I plant or have the gardener plant some annuals.  Either

begonias     or some pansies
 or my favorite impatiens....  I only hope that the soil is not so far gone we wont be able to grow anything at all.  Some of the bushes look shot but the gardener says wait a few more weeks and he will let us know.

Maybe I should change a bit and plant roses.....would love that.  First I must buy some huge pots to plant them see Sandy washed them so far down the block....I never found them......

So keep posted because soon (if it ever stops snowing) spring will be here and the next pictures will be of my lovely garden.....

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