Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What do you do when

you don't get any satisfaction from a service company....do you wait and wait and wait?  Do you call and call and call? Send letters, make calls, report them.....

My problem started in September....I had a shower door installed in my beautiful new bathroom.  That was before I got hit with Hurricane Sandy....and they somehow did not measure right.  Back went the door and a new one arrived.....looked fine, don't use for 24 hours....and then, again the door did not fit right.  There is a gap and when  you take a shower, the floor gets wet.

So this has been going on for months and I had had enough...they promise to call, to fix, to send someone....to no avail.....to the Better Business Bureau we went.  Of course I should have checked them first because when I looked up the company - with a rating of A+ to F - with F being the worse....this company got an F.  No surprise there.

Well, I added my two cents along with any other place I could put in a review.....and now we wait to see what can be done..

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