Friday, February 15, 2013

Today is

Friday....and there is a long weekend coming up. President's weekend.... Of course I initially had the whole week off next week,but Hurricane Sandy took care of that... so I am only off two days...Monday and Tuesday...but will be happy with that - at least its a long weekend.  Planning on some special time with hubby, maybe go into the city.  Must do some shopping......there are sales out there.

  Would love dinner out too...without grandkids...some quiet time, wine and maybe a movie....its also my birthday Tuesday (not telling which one)...but there will be no laundry this weekend....manicure tomorrow, and wishing the weather holds up....hate sludging around in it's 50 degrees, and cant believe it will snow tonight.

So if I don't post next couple of days..I will get you caught up on the weekend come Wednesday or I might just have enough energy to post a bit at night.  Either way, have a great weekend..

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