Sunday, February 3, 2013

So it is Super Bowl Sunday and...

none of my teams are in it, but getting into the hype is very easy.  Of course my son is a big 49ers fan, so guess I will have to root for that team....doesn't really matter because I will only be home with hubby to watch game.  Know the young ones are out with friends having a decided to be a bit festive...making pepper steak tonight over kasha....maybe have some wine....wish I can have chips and dip, but alas those things are out of the question.

Some snow fell over night.....the groundhog said an early spring, someone forgot to tell mother nature...but there was only enough to be swept away...hoping it stays that kind of snow....doing laundry and some cleaning.....

Funny thing....yesterday I was in the hardware store because I needed a few things and decided to pick up some bulbs...Never have enough....the outdoor flood light was not working, so picked up both indoor and outdoor floods, and some indoor bulbs.....($61??)  Came home, asked son to help change a bulb and amazingly when I turned on the kitchen lights - the in-ceiling lights were all out...replaced 6 bulbs....what are the odds of not only all those bulbs going out...but also that I picked up enough to cover the ceiling.  Replaced some others and we are now in a very brightly lit house....ready for game time!!!

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