Friday, February 1, 2013

So here I go again

Two years ago I went on a of many that I have been on.  I lost weight - about 25 lbs and managed to keep it off. But alas I fell off and although I didn't follow the program anymore, I remained the same weight - not gaining but not losing.

  So the scale is not exactly my friend...but staying on it has kept me on the track.  So last week, I started again.  This time not so much because I want to, but a doctor's visit made condition requires that I must lose weight or else my prospect for the future is not looking good.  So now I am trying Atkins.....all protein, low carbs....and it seems to be working.  At least I am feeling better.

I love my carbs....bread, pasta, rice, etc.  Actually give me bread and pasta and I am fine.  But I also tended to feel bloated, had retained water every ankles were one week later, I no longer retain a lot of water, - I also drink a lot of water, so a lot is flushed out.

The program calls for protein....eggs, meat, veggies.....and very little carbs - about 20-25 mg per day.
I finally received my packet, along with two protein bars.  But the little book in the box is excellent because I refer to it when I need to know the carbs in anything.  I was amazed at how many carbs are in things - outside of bread and pasta.....

But I stuck to it for a week - lost 3 lbs....and feel better.  I am hoping that by the summer I will be feeling a whole lot better.  Now I have to add exercise to my big step.

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