Thursday, February 28, 2013

Senior Citizens

Yep I am one but that's not what's bothering me. It's just that no one respects us. It took a lot to get here and we deserve recognition. Besides I don't like the alternative. Also feeling my age because of my illness, I tend to push myself further. So the least someone can do is.....hold open the door , give up your seat , lend a hand when something is heavy , call more often , ask if we need anything.

It seems that Dunkin Donuts offers a discount to Sr citizens. You must ask for it but u do get it. But there are some who refuse to give it. Obviously I don't go there anymore.

When you get to that age it is nice to be treated special. Not for anything but it took awhile to get here and we deserve it. Don't you agree?

As the oldest sibling I did alot of housework. As the mother of 5 children who had a father in law living with us and a dog who the kids promised to feed and walk -- guess who did that. I want the rest of my life to be easier whatever time I have left.  So I am pacing myself....slow but sure wins the race they say.  I find house cleaning an effort...but I do it, sit and have a cup a coffee in between....I sometimes wonder if I will get to the point of being unable to do simple things....the pain comes and goes and working affords me the choice of not thinking about it.   The mind is an amazing thing...I think if I sat home all day, I would think about the pain more....

So here's to all of us Seniors....a better year....stand up and cheer!!

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