Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ceramic Beads

Several years ago I made the purchase of some ceramic beads.....some coral and some blue.  I never really used them to make anything and the other day I was going through my beads, because the Whole Bead Show is arriving in NY next month and I would like to go and do some buying.

I am really in need of some new beads (never have enough)...but before I can do that, I decided I will sell some of my old to make way for the new ones.  Besides, hubby said I have absolutely no room for more beads....ha ha....we'll see about that.

Anyway, today I posted two sets of ceramic beads in my shop - just parting with 10 beads...maybe more if the buyer really needs them......

If you know of anyone who needs beads, please let them know....there are more coming....


  1. Your hubby, like mine used to be, obviously has no idea of exactly what you do, and how you have to have beads! Hope you successfully create room for new stocks: and I'll bet that one these move on, you'll have a desperate need for just those beads for a specific task1

  2. Isn't it crazy how you find things now that you bought a year or so ago? Happened to me when I cleaned out our workspace. I found so many projects that we hadn't even started yet!
    New GFC follower here, following back from Meet & Greet. Thanks for linking up with us!