Thursday, January 24, 2013


all the time.  Over the weekend I went to see three different doctors.  One was for my mammogram and sonogram; another my general doctor for a checkup; and the third was my neurologist.  It wasn't until later that I realized how much time I spent in these offices - waiting.  Now I am not an antsy person.  I spend this waiting time reading my Kindle....which sometimes I don't get to do on any given day.

So I took this time to catch up on a great book I am reading (review coming soon).  But when I added up this wait time it became hours that I waited.  Because even though you have an doesn't matter because you never get taken at that time anyway.

I also noticed that not everyone is as patient as I am.  There were some who kept walking in and out of the office, while others kept going over to the receptionist asking how much longer. How do you react in a waiting room?


  1. Thank goodness, I no longer have to spend time in doctors' or hospital waiting areas. But when we did, Peter had a general rule: if we were delayed more than an hour after the due time, he would get up, go the desk and ask for another appointment - and then leave. Funny, but we didn't often have to do that!! You should try it sometime: time is too precious to waste in such places (and expose oneself to other folks' germs!)

  2. I usually strike up a conversation with another person who is waiting. That, or I just sit quietly. Waiting is all around us. You rarely go anyplace that waiting is not involved. I see the people who think there should be no waiting (for them) all over. And I wonder why they don't realize that there are others in the world, and that waiting is a part of life.


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