Friday, January 4, 2013


Do we really have it?  Not me....but what is quiet? 

Definition of quiet (adj) · Bing Dictionary
[ kw ət ]

  1. not noisy: making little or no noise
  2. still: free from noise or commotion
  3. done in private: carried out in private, with voices not raised, in order not to be overheard

Ah, quiet.  Sometimes it is deafening.....I grew up in a large family - not my immediate family...only 3 of us...but mom was one of there were aunts, uncles and cousins all over the place.  And way back then (ha ha) everyone lived on the same street, or at least in the same neighborhood.  So we all hung out together and grew up that way. 

Of course I did my part in the population explosion - have five children - 4 of whom are married with children of their own - total of 8.....and put everyone in the same house...........NOT QUIET.  But it is nice to have that mixture of noise, whether it is laughing, or running, or playing......of course, there is also fighting....I do have boys......and then..........................

They go their own houses.............and my house becomes QUIET.....see definition above....


  1. hahaha, quiet is nice, but too much quiet, not so much. I'm from a large family myself, and hubby and I have 10 kids between us, with lots of grands and great-grands. Obviously we don't do quiet. LOL

  2. Being an only child (and an orphan at that), with only 2 girls to boot, quiet is what I really like.

    Think (and create) better too!

  3. Love the noise and the quiet both! I had a happy noisy visit with my kids and have also enjoyed the quiet after they all went home!