Wednesday, January 9, 2013


do you?  I am still finding my way around Pinterest.  It is a very interesting concept - pinning pictures of....well, everything.  From desserts to crafts, to babies, food, sayings.....clothes, Etsy shop items, - we can repin and like these can set up boards with all different topics.

I have one topic that is all about owls - love them....and then another about butterflies - my favorite.  So everytime I find boards with owls or butterflies I am sure to repin them.

Of course, I also have a board devoted to my Etsy Shop...have had a few likes and repins from that board too.  Recently I have a board called Blue - where everyone is allowed to pin to it - anything blue of course......its a nice way to make friends and find beautiful pictures of beautiful things.

So stop on by and 'like" or if you are a member of Pinterest...please on the link below..

My Pinterest


  1. I'm on Pinterest, Agnes, but - as usual - don't really know what I'm doing. This post has cast a little more light on the subject - so will have a go - once I've done more on my current project where I'm being tutored on how to make Etsy work better for me!

    If only there was more time: how on earth do you find time to go to work?

  2. Hi Agnes,

    I totally love Pinterest. It is great to have everything in one place and not have to print out things when you see them. So you like owls? My husband likes owls too. Happy Pinning!

  3. @Donna Thanks, yes got into owls when I used to sew...made a wall hanging for a good friend of mine and got hooked

  4. @Isobel...dont know how I do it not only work but come home to a houseful of grandkids because hubby when they leave (around 7) sometimes I am too pooped to do alot on weekends..thats why I want my online etsy store to take off, so I can retire and work on that before the grandkids come home from school...plans- lol