Monday, January 7, 2013

My new best friend......

....we have been spending alot of time together lately.  Actually since the beginning of November 2012....everytime I enter his premises, I am greeted with a big hello, how may I help you.  And help he does....I know where everything is and can always ask if I cant find something.

I can go there anytime I want - and he is so close to my house - sometimes I even stop by on the way home....

My new best friend........... and my house will look beautiful....


  1. lol! you're house will look great when you're done!

  2. I really like Lowe's (much better than The Home Depot). I wish we had one closer to use though. I'm glad they are able to assist you with your needs.

  3. My friend always teases me that I like the boys club!!

  4. Always good to have a "best friend" like this one! Long may the relationship continue - for as long as you need it to, anyway!