Thursday, January 10, 2013

I love bracelets....

I think of all the jewelry that I have - some expensive and some not.....I tend to wear bracelets alot, especially going out. My favorite kind of bracelets is a beaded one - and on elastic or wrists sometimes swell up and it is uncomfortable wearing certain bracelets.

So on that shop is carrying elastic bracelets and something that is called memory automatically wraps around the size of your wrist - so I can easily sell these to anyone....well, not children - because their wrists are small....but I can make for children too.

I recently put up in my shop a beautiful agate stone bracelet - very charming and easy on the pocketbook.....take a look,   what do you think?

My bracelet..  and for your convenience, I accept credit cards now.

What is your favorite kind of bracelet?  I would like to get some ideas for some future items I want to make.......


  1. Like the agate bracelet a lot - but the stones seem to be so big compared with the elastic! Knowing my luck, the bracelet wouldn't last long and the beautiful stones would be spread out all over - which would be a great shame. I have an awful tendency to catch on things!

    Keep up the splendid designs! Isobel:

  2. I like the stackable bracelets. Wear them alone during the day/casual, or stack when going out.

  3. @Isobel...the agate bracelet is made with memory wire..very strong..and they are big stones but not as big as they look. Like you I am still getting used to photographing my items..close ups are nice but it does make the items look bigger...maybe I should model them, so people can see the contrast on arm...but then again I dont like wearing items I want to know things like oil, or perfume might effect them...right now went back to making earrings..still editing photos on


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