Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How do you?????

pick a book to read???  I am very curious on how you book readers out there (you know who you are) pick your next  book to read.....I used to watch the NY Times Book section every week and see what was on top - every one was reading it, so it must be good.  But soon enough i got bored reading the same authors - they were good authors, but those of you who are avid readers must know that after awhile reading the same author, you seem to get the gist of what he/she will be writing about...they seem to following the same or along the same story line.

So I have hooked up with and have found that there are loads of authors we have never heard of.....goodreads authors.....some of them have actually sent me their book to keep and read, for a review of it.  I do all my reviews on Goodreads and then transfer them over to my blog.  But I have found some good authors - unknown - who have some great stories to tell....

So, what is your source for the next book you will be reading?

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