Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have you ever had?

...one of those days?  The day was Monday.....bad enough it started the week off, but on top of that I arrived at work and forgot to clock in...went to a desk full of papers to be taken care of....boss wanted too many things that were not finished yet.....people in and out all day and finally - a big project that I am trying to figure out because just when I got it down-pat...they changed the format. 

It is days like these that make me want to retire.  Otherwise I love my job....if I retire I can get up late, have a long breakfast, another cup of coffee (hot one at that) and then maybe craft a bit - there are so many beads.....read my book....take care of a little (just a little) house keeping....

So I have come home to relax....I wrote this blog - had some wine, will look to see what's for dinner....relax - maybe some more wine.....and forget about today because tomorrow is another day...to remember "Don't get rattled".......

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I know all about those days! But, you're right - tomorrow is another day, and if you've got home safe, then forget the bad day, and look forward.

    Hope it works for you! The good ones are always appreciated, after one like you sound as though you've had!