Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting ready to leave..

football season....yes, its over....no team of mine will be in the playoffs or going to Super Bowl.  So what is next.....Baseball of course. 

I know I sound like a sports nut but thinking back to my childhood...we were always a baseball family and then I met hubby who is a football fan...so  I learned the ins and outs of football....a little, just enough to know what is going on.

I also got interested in basketball but not the professional kind.  I had four boys and they were into all sports....baseball, soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse....so mommy was transporting someone somewhere all the time....but it was fun and kept the kids on the straight path.  I am a big believer in keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble....


  1. I'm very interested in the Super Bowl because the 49ers are my favorite team. My oldest son wasn't into sports, but my youngest is going to try t-ball for the first time next month.

  2. Let you in on a secret...my youngest is also a 49ers fan..and he is totally into the Super Bowl..hope you guys win...t-ball, I remember those days..enjoy them, they are over too fast...

  3. That's great, another 49er fan! I know, time does pass by very quickly in regards to your kids growing up. My 9th grade daughter just got her first college flier sent to her today.