Monday, December 10, 2012

Something so simple

can give you a lift.  I recently went to the nail salon to get a fill in and then a pedicure because the week had been a bit hectic.  Between work and then coming home to the construction going on downstairs.....I really needed some pampering. 

1-1/2 hours later the feet felt good and relaxes especially since my nerve problem in my legs has been acting up....but the warm water was so soothing....and then nails trimmed and polished....but the best part is the designs I get....they are so uplifting and makes my day....

It makes me want to put on something fancy and go out dancing......but alas that is not in the cards....instead I am did something better -- had grandsons sleep over and celebrated Hanukkah with potato pancakes and donuts.......better than dancing....

1 comment:

  1. Have never been able to handle nails like that - although envy those who can! Your's look great - and if you feel better after the treatment, well it's worth it.

    Go for it!