Sunday, December 16, 2012

In between cleaning and....

laundry and I decided my blog needed a face know I'm not getting thought I would fool around with my blog.

Cleaned it up a bit because there were items that were ancient, some  badges no longer existed and i just wanted to make it easier for my readers to read.

I also want to step up my Etsy shop - so I put that big banner on the left here to get everyone's attention.  I am not thin skinned and would welcome some comments - critical ones....always good to get someone elses like or you dont....recommend changes.....not saying I will agree with everything....but someone elses eye might be better than mine.....

thank you in advance.....


  1. Hello there Agnes!

    You've certainly changed the blog! For myself, think it's a lot easier to read, as the former dark background, with blue typeface (if memory serves!) was a bit "heavy" (not necessarily the right word, but it'll do!)

    Not sure that the current background doesn't take away from your words - but then, I'm a simple soul, and like clear backgrounds. Peter, bless him, always used to say "white space sells" - and he was often right in his comments (irritatingly so, sometimes!)

    Impressed with all the communities you belong to - where do you find the time, I wonder!

    Now, I could do with some help from you: notice you've got your Google+ followers on your blog: how do you transfer the pics to the blog border? I have a glaring white space under my "Google +" Followers tag, having followed the invitation to add the tag to my blog!!!

  2. Hi there...
    I love your blog. Colorful attracts my attention...


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