Monday, December 24, 2012


this week...hooray.....working in a school has its perks - one being having so many days off.  I took the job many years ago because I had young children and after being a SAHM for quite some time, I decided to return to the work force  - college you know.....they all went and having one salary didnt cut it....

So thought the best way to cover both another income and being there for five children was to work in a school.  At the time, they attended a school only 4 blocks away and although I started in another school 20 minutes away by car, after two years there was an opening in my children's school and I got it.

And I am still there after 22 years and love it.  Especially all the days we have off - and the summers.  As a secretary I dont make alot of money - because there are other places that pay much more...but the benefits of being home when the kids were and being off summers far outweighed it. 

Now the kids are all grown, but we do have grandchildren and although they do not go to my school (we moved out of the district) they are off when I am and that helps the kids.  So this week I will combine relaxing and some cleaning and maybe day road trips here and there.  It is the best time of the year to go into the city, see the lights and enjoy the end of the year - making way for a new beginning - 2013.....where did the time go?

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