Monday, December 17, 2012

I work in a .....

school. After what happened in CT I felt the day would start a little bit frazzled and unsure.  But alas it was business as usual although there were alot of children absent.  But this might have been because there is a virus running around the school and we all seem to be sharing the same germs

But as the day started, we did gather for an emergency safety meeting to ensure that we are taking all the right measures to make our school safe.  As a member of this committee I sat in and discussed what we could do better than what we are already doing.  And the bottom line is, we are doing the best we can.  We know what to do if there was an intruder - but who can say if we are really prepared.  There is the unknown and only when you are in the middle of it would you know how to react.

I am sure those going to work last week did not expect the tragedy that happened and could not have done anything different to stop it.  Unfortunately, there is the unknown factor out there - where will an unstable person strike and how much damage will he do?  We can only pray that we all are safe - because I believe we are no longer safe anywhere - not in school, nor in our homes, on the street, in a movie or where.  We must just be aware of our surroundings and do the best we can.

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