Friday, December 7, 2012

I love my.....

Kindle....I dont have the clutter of books all over the place.  I can read anywhere and when finished with a book, go on to another one instantly.

I am so lucky I own two of them, so one I keep with me and another is upstairs in my bedroom so I can read before I go to sleep.  They are synced with the same books.....Reading is great....

EXCEPT.....when you are in the middle of a great book - and into the story and the battery dies on you.....and shuts down the Kindle........if I am not home to grab my other Kindle I am left to wait until I can recharge it somewhere or wait to get to remedy this every night I check the battery and if low enough I plug it in....because you never know where you might want to bring it.

I read all kinds of books......but am prone to the can find reviews here in my blog also.  I belong to Goodreads which is an excellent website where you can make friends with the same book interests and find so many great authors ......check it

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  1. That's just another piece of kit for one to get one's head around! Not yet for me!