Monday, December 3, 2012

Everything is coming

along - The disaster of Hurricane Sandy has left us all in complete chaos - some more than others.  I cannot imagine how people are coping after losing their houses, possessions, cars and worst, the lives of loved ones.  I only lost my walk in apartment downstairs where my son lived - he is lucky enough to have moved upstairs by me and although he lost alot of his possessions, and I lost alot of mine because I stored down there - we are coping just fine.

It is amazing how much the body and mind is able to cope with.  We make arrangements when we find ourselves in a pickle - and slow but sure things get back to normal.  We lost our cars - managed to get a rental for a week - have now leased a new one.  Slowly all items saved from the flood have been placed in boxes and stored somewhere in the few rooms I have in this part of the house.

Starting Monday the contractors will start work in restoring the rooms downstairs - I may even get my washer and dryer hooked up.  The walls will go up - appliances will be a few weeks - by the new year - things will be normal.  Others must wait even longer, but they too are hopeful that things will be brighter soon.  I am counting on Spring time - when the crocuses will bloom and all will be well again. 

The insurance companies have been working overtime to help everyone and I am amzed every time I call them how helpful they are and understanding.  So I too must be understanding that reimbursement will take a little longer than usual. 

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