Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Reviews

Has anyone seen an article in the New York Times about book is amazing how something like book reviews can be turned around to be so bad.  The article explains how Amazon removed book reviews because of various thinking your family is hyping up those reviews for authors.   One woman (a retired librarian) put out over 25,000 reviews.  They thought that was fishy....but there are some great readers out there....I set a goal of 50 books this year and if I was retired I would read more.    Below is the link......

Of course, I do my book reviews on and then transfer them over to my blog.  If I am emailed by an author who has seen it, and they ask me to do a review on - then I gladly oblige.....I am sure there are people who gouge the reviews -but I like to judge the book myself... there will always be unscrupulous people out there....but I really dont think Amazon should be deleting reviews.....what do you think?

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