Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few days off.....

and what do I do?  Housecleaning....well some of it anyway...some dusting, mopping.  Cant do laundry as the contractors are downstairs laying down the floors.....the place is coming together slow but sure.

Do you have the same problem as me?  P-a-p-e-r-s......mail, magazines, flyers, etc.  They come everyday...and they are overwhelming....and to add to it, I put them on the dining room table and slowly they multiply until I cant see the table anymore.

But fear not, there are chairs.  Yes, when we need room on the table, I put the papers on the chairs.  There are 8 chairs and since we are only 2 people - well you get the picture.  So today I tackled the chairs and table - actually had two bags of papers....where does it come from.  Expired coupons, flyers I dont read, magazines outdated (and still havent read)....thank goodness I remove bills before building the "pile".

I spoke to someone about this recently, and she has the same problem.  I came up with a solution once.  Bring the shredder downstairs and as I go through the "papers" just shred them.  But it is time consuming to go through them and that is why they end up in a pile.

So - for 2013 - the new resolution will be to control the "papers" and not have them control me.....any ideas?

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  1. Ugh I have a whole box of papers to sort...Thank you for sharing at the hop xo


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