Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day After

It was a good day see I have been making Thanksgiving for about 38 years now and was a little upset because this year, due to Hurricane Sandy, I was unable to make it.  With my son moving in with us, and most of his belongings, including his dog, the house is crowded and every room taken up with stuff.  Boxes in the hall, clothes all over.  The kids would not be able to play downstairs because its gutted, and cant use the back yard because of all the damaged stuff there.

So we spent the day upstate with my son and his family, brought some food and desserts with us and had a beautiful day.  The kids played in his yard and we all sat down to dinner and were thankful for family and our togetherness, our health and love.....

I kept two of my grandsons overnight so my DIL could go Black Friday shopping and in an hour we are leaving to go to the movies.  Cleaning can wait....there are grandchildren to play with.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!


  1. I'm sorry that you couldn't "do" Thanksgiving, but wasn't it nice to relax and let someone else do the work? and you're right, movies with the grandkids is way more important the cleaning. :0)

  2. Yes, Debbi, usually I cant move the day after. This time I felt refreshed and even took grandkids to movie....just missed the smell of turkey in the house. But must say it was good being catered to for a change.