Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday

Were you on your computer all day ordering stuff because it was cyber monday?  How many of you spent hours upon hours just entering one order.  Or was I the only one?  It seemed everyone was online...I kept hitting the "place order" button and nothing was happening or I got a message that I could not understand.

And this was in only one store.  I was prompted to make an account - i did - then told I already have an account....didnt know the password...created another one and completely lost my order.  Do i order all over again? and run the risk of placing two of the same orders....no, keep at it and finally got frustrated.

But I decided to go to my emails to see if I got a confirmation for an order I wasnt sure was placed or not.  Alas - no email...but wait, lets check spam - bingo - there was the email saying they have received my order and will notify me when shipped.

Enough - time to go watch tv - or better still - go to sleep. Because even online - shopping is a big deal.  OK, so no waiting on lines - but the computer slowed down so much - is it really worth the savings.  Or am I getting so old that shopping is no longer exciting me the way it used to.....maybe I should just write a check for everyone's gift.

No, too impersonal....back to ordering - or maybe I will go to Toys R Us and pick out gifts for the kids....gotta be a better way to shop.....

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