Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Children Hurting

I just read a Facebook post from a friend who was upset because she learned her daughter fell and opened up her chin, and she (the mother) couldnt get to the hospital fast enough.  I think I can say as a mother of five, we have all been there one time or another.  I was a stay at home mom and therefore when my children got hurt I usually was there.  Although there was a time when one of my sons was at a friend's house and stepped behind his friend as the friend was swinging a metal bat....yes, right into his head.  My girlfriend was so apologetic, got in touch with me - we rushed him to the ER and he was fine eventually.  (I wasnt)

Having 4 boys I had my share of baseball accidents, soccer accidents, fooling around accidents - (one son swung another around and let him go - right into a wooden table)....one climbed a fence to get to a ball and got hung up (under his arm) on the fence.  So whether its sports or horsing around, yes, there will be accidents.

The hardest part is going to the hospital with them.  They are usually fine, my hubby had to go into the ER because I could not stand stitches, blood, etc. and seeing my child in pain.....and then at night, I would have a crying jag. 

I thought this was the worst thing to go through, until they all started driving.....anxiety hit in a way you wont imagine and until this day - when they are out (although there is only one living at home) I dread a late night phone call.  I suppose this is part of life - but anytime they leave my house, with a kiss and a hug and a "Be careful"......I pray they will be fine.

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