Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

This weekend they (they being those people who think they know what's happening with the weather) are predicting a hurricane....batten down the hatches and get prepared.  But will this really be a big storm or will we all be fooled.  With the weather, it can turn anywhere.  So what is supposed to hit us, might at last minute turn away and go somewhere else.

We do not know.  Tomorrow is one of my grandson's birthday - one year old - and we will be celebrating it.  A big gym where all the kids can run and have fun, some pizza and then cake.  A fun day.  And on Sunday it will be time to put the yard furniture somewhere so it cant blow away and make sure the fridge is full.  I am so glad we finally got the roof fixed.....and if it hits us hard, I am hoping school will be closed.

But until then, tonight is a rest every one have a great weekend and if the hurricane is hitting you too, have a safe weekend.  Will give an update if the electricity holds off.  I think I will have a positive outlook and actually be creative.  Finish up the special order and then make some bracelets.....might be a good weekend after all.

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