Sunday, October 28, 2012


I dont really do it anymore.  You see, when I first got married, in the first 7 years I had 5 children.  Then came the dog, then father in law moved I cooked for 8 plus the dog.  I did this every night for about 30 years....the past 8 years it has only been me and hubby.

So cooking for me has slowed down, unless you are talking about holidays....and even at my age, I start a week before to get ready for that.  Hubby and I usually eat in the dining room which overlooks the living room.  Sometimes we watch tv depending whats on.

So how did I stop cooking for 8 and started for 2....not an easy task.  But recently I found a great site called  -- The recipes are delicious, easy and just right for 2-4 people.  If you need larger, double the recipe. But the best part is - they are not time consuming.  Something easy and is the one I made today....

Quick Skillet Steak with Onions and Mushrooms.....of course I had to change it a bit...added some spinach - served it all over rice.  Had a friend over, so there is only one serving left.....but thats ok.  Hurricane Sandy will be here tomorrow.....makes a good lunch for hubby - the steak, not the hurricane.

I think every week I will make one of these recipes so be sure you look for it....or check out this great site....

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