Monday, September 17, 2012

What happened?

I clicked on the icon that said - blogger - and got this unbelievable plain looking page where everything I have come to know is gone.  I still cant find all the blogs I wrote but saved and did not publish for the future.

I cannot see anything that i did before...where is the tab that says - comments - to read what people said about previous blogs......tell me google, what is going on.....

OK, I can save this I see, and schedule it.....but not liking this new format.  Not only that but I am way too old for change.  And if they think this is change for the good.....blah, no way.

So my fellow bloggers.....are you feeling good about this change?  and again where are the blogs I saved for future publishing?  Any comments?  or have I typed into the Twilight Zone? of blogging........


  1. every time blogger pumps me up to the new format, I just click at the top to revert back to the old format. I wonder how long I can get away with that. lol

  2. Actually i am getting used to the new the way i can see how many comments are there....guess this old dog can learn new tricks...just takes time - lol